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StairMeïster Log Works offers a full line of expertly hand-crafted, log straight-run stairs that are practically designed to combine durability, functionality and beauty. Straight-run stairs come in two standard widths (36" and 42"), and can be built to virtually any dimension. In spite of their inherent simplicity, log straight-run stairs can be transformed into a work of art with the application of a little love, creativity and know-how.

StairMeïster offers four types of log straight run stairs: The SR-100, The SR-200, with treads mortised between two half log stringers; The SR-300, which is crafted with log treads mortised between 3"x11" timber stringers; The SR-400, which is a closed riser stair--its treads are dimensional square timbers cut from a log, leaving a natural, barky leading edge for the tread (i.e. "waney edge").


"Our staircase is awesome!
We receive many compliments."

—Trevor & Teresa Roesel, Cascade, WI

SR-100 Series
Our most popular straight-run design. Treads are scribe-fit into stringers so that the shape of the log tread is perfectly transferred onto the surface of the stringer, which is then hand-cut to accept the tread.
15. Safe and Solid Functionality
This cleaned up shop photo show a creative solution to a special and difficult situation of multiple landings at different angles.
14. "Three Rivers" Hybrid
This unusual SR-330 is supported by dual flared root base posts. A thoughtful solution to a special and difficult design challenge of different floor elevations. The post to the right also supports an existing massive timber beam.
13. Custom Three Tread Winder
This stair was created for our new friends near Clico, California. This stair flows gracefully into and out of the winder with SR-100 style stairs and our standard guard rail.
12. Two Story Hybrid near Crested Butte, CO
This custom SR-140 straight run turns into a SP-104" diameter half spiral with steel balusters and then turns back into a 40" straight run.
11. Same Hybrid Near Crested Butte
This view show the spiral treads turning 180 degrees around the center colum

10. Custom SR-140 Featured in the Previous Picture
Also featured in this stair is the 2" diameter code conforming one piece gripable rail.

9. SR-200 Series in Oklahoma
This stair shows our standard guard and stair rail. It also has custom support posts that add that detail StairMeister is famous for. The open rail is for a custom metal panel and the newel posts are a character style.
8. J-Stair for our Friends in Divide, CO
The upper four treads are characteristic of a straight run stair then it gracefully turns into a circular stair hence the name J-Stair.
7. Another View of a Unique Situation
This shop photo shows the stair starting as a straight run and turning into a spiral with a floating landing.
6. Virginia Party Barn Shop Photo
This photo shows how we preassemble each stair and make final finish cuts in our shop saving onsite assembly time. Then each part is carefully disassemble and package for shipping.
5. Virginia Party Barn During Construction
This photo shows how perfect measuring onsite by the contractor makes for a perfect fit of all components ensuring a simple and beautiful installation for them.
4. Virginia Party Barn During Construction
This photo shows how perfect measuring onsite by the contractor makes for a perfect fit of all components ensuring a simple and beautiful installation for them.
3. Grand Mesa Colorado Hybrid
This Hybrid stair integrated into the timber frame dream home starting with ten straight run treads winding into three spiral treads turning to follow the roof line with four more straight run treads.
2. Grand Mesa Colorado Hybrid
Working within fixed parameters of an already built structure led to unique, but still safe transitions in style of this stair and its handrail where only the cantilever spiral treads would allow enough headroom for the existing stair below.
1. Grand Mesa Colorado Hybrid
This photo shows the code conforming continuous hand rail making these very unique transitions yet comfortable and safe. The ends of the outer stringers will house into existing timbers in this timber frame home.

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