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Spiral Stairs    
65. Lakeland, Florida Spiral
We recently built this 91" diameter custom Spiral for our new friends in Lakeland Florida.
64. Lakeland, Florida Spiral
We love the striking balance of the natural patina of the balusters and the hand carved beetle kill treads.
63. Lakeland, Florida Spiral
The large custom treads make descending almost twelve feet safe and relaxing for all ages.
62. Lakeland, Florida Spiral
Our client choose beautiful natural weathered branch for the balusters adding a rustic touch.
61. Lakeland, Florida Spiral
We made the flair root base newel post to follow along the existing wall and match the column.
60. Lakeland, Florida Spiral
Our clients chose larger treads with a short rise for there six kids to safely access the pool room.
59. United Kingdom Spiral
This spiral was made for our friends in the United Kingdom. This view of the spiral shows the metal railing.
58. United Kingdom Spiral
This finished photo shows the spiral in the previous picture installed in the home.
57. United Kingdom Spiral
This view shows a close up view of the center column and the metal railing.
56. Side View of Spiral
This side view of the spiral shows the metal twig railing with hand forged leaves. This spiral was made to replace the existing ladder that accessed the loft.
55. Front View of Spiral
This spiral has a 52" diameter and optional flared root base center column for our client on a quiet island in Washington.We also made a one piece custom triangular landing for easy attachment in the existing cabin.
54. View Walking Down Spiral
This view shows that all exposed ends of the metal twig railing are to the outside of the staircase for saftey purposes.
53. View of Metal Rail
This view shows how no two branches are the same in this finely crafted custom metal railing.
52. Close-up of Metal Rail
This close up shows the bark effect steel and a leaf with a clear finish on the raw steel.
51. Code Conforming
We check every aspect of our stairs to ensure that they are code conforming. This photo shows the 4" sphere test.
50. Spiral
Log spiral stairs as a work of art – StairMeister Log Works of Ft. Lupton, CO was one of only eighty artists selected to participate in the annual Southwest Design Conference held in Santa Fe, NM.
49. Whimsical carving detail
StairMeister Log Works is best known for the company’s log artistry, design, and creativity. An example shown here- cub paw prints leading to a custom carved bear perched atop of the center column.
48. Custom Hand Carved Bear Focal Point With Hand Gouged Center Column
StairMeister Log Works was the only stair company in the country to appear in this event. We chose to display what the company is nationally recognized for, a one-of-a-kind spiral stair with twig rail.
47. Our Signature Spiral Stair
A 96" diameter spiral with our hand dovetailed balusters into the treads. We can custom build any stair in 1" diameter increments.
46. Spiral with Hammered Steel Balusters
This photo was taken while the stair was being installed. This stair has pine treads and 7/8" hammered steel balusters. As seen in the picture, we also provided the hammered steel balusters and guard rail for the loft in the house.
45. Spiral - 72" Diameter - 12 Tread
This is a recent spiral that we completed in the fall of 2008 for our valued customers in Fox Park, Wyoming. The center column, treads and hand dovetailed balusters are made out of lodge pole pine.
44. The “Phoenix” S-108 With Log Knee Braces
The oversized massive log steps cantilever from the center column receive additional strength in support from exquisite log knee braces.


43. The Timber with Steel S-65
This spiral staircase exudes a contemporary appearance through: Douglas Fir treads, hammered steel balusters, and a top rail fashioned from cherry wood. S- cherry top rail. (As featured in LUXE magazine)
42. The “Sun West” S-96
This stair features a grandiose flared root base center column. Also featured is a complentary curved guard rail for the round stairwell.
41. Spiral
This outstanding one of a kind staircase in Santa Cruz is the result of the collaborative efforts set forth by an inspired architect and a team of highly skilled and imaginative log stairway building professionals.
40. Constructed Around "Massive Redwoods"
Inspired by the grandeur of surrounding coastal Cedars and Redwoods, this staircase invites the organic sensations of nature indoors.
39. Expansive Treads of Douglas Fir Timber
The accommodating treads, which measure nearly 2’ wide and 4’ across, are hand crafted from old growth Douglas Fir Timbers reclaimed from a 1880’s vintage railroad trestle.
38. Ranch Spiral
StairMeister Log Works was commissioned to create a custom spiral stair to transition into a floating landing. This staircase was later featured in the tasteful “LUXE” magazine.
37. Ranch Spiral
Another view of the previous stair pictured. This stair was built for a unique stair and situation for our clients in Silverthorne, CO.
36. Ranch Spiral
Custom straight run into a spiral is supported by hidden steel within the stringers to keep the clean detail of the log work.  With a "Snow Man" style hand rail.
35. Code Conforming 66" Diameter Custom Spiral
This spiral was custom made to fit tightly into an existing opening to meet the 1 1/2" hand rail code clearance.
34. Stained Pine Log Railing
This guard railing was custom made to meet the California 42" minimum height code.
Straight Run/Hybrid Stairs    
33. Safe and Solid Functionality
This cleaned up shop photo show a creative solution to a special and difficult situation of multiple landings at different angles.
32. "Three Rivers" Hybrid
This unusual SR-330 is supported by dual flared root base posts. A thoughtful solution to a special and difficult design challenge of different floor elevations. The post to the right also supports an existing massive timber beam.
31. Custom Three Tread Winder
This stair was created for our new friends near Clico, California. This stair flows gracefully into and out of the winder with SR-100 style stairs and our standard guard rail.
30. Two Story Hybrid near Crested Butte, CO
This custom SR-140 straight run turns into a SP-104" diameter half spiral with steel balusters and then turns back into a 40" straight run.
29. Same Hybrid Near Crested Butte
This view show the spiral treads turning 180 degrees around the center colum.
28. Custom SR-140 Featured in the Previous Picture
Also featured in this stair is the 2" diameter code conforming one piece gripable rail.

27. SR-200 Series in Oklahoma
This stair shows our standard guard and stair rail. It also has custom support posts that add that detail StairMeister is famous for. The open rail is for a custom metal panel and the newel posts are a character style.
26. J-Stair for our Friends in Divide, CO
The upper four treads are characteristic of a straight run stair then it gracefully turns into a circular stair hence the name J-Stair.
25. Another View of a Unique Situation
This shop photo shows the stair starting as a straight run and turning into a spiral with a floating landing.
24. Virginia Party Barn Shop Photo
This photo shows how we preassemble each stair and make final finish cuts in our shop saving onsite assembly time. Then each part is carefully disassemble and package for shipping.
23. Virginia Party Barn During Construction
This photo shows how perfect measuring onsite by the contractor makes for a perfect fit of all components ensuring a simple and beautiful installation for them.
22. Virginia Party Barn During Construction
This photo shows how perfect measuring onsite by the contractor makes for a perfect fit of all components ensuring a simple and beautiful installation for them.
21. Grand Mesa Colorado Hybrid
This Hybrid stair integrated into the timber frame dream home starting with ten straight run treads winding into three spiral treads turning to follow the roof line with four more straight run treads.
20. Grand Mesa Colorado Hybrid
Working within fixed parameters of an already built structure led to unique, but still safe transitions in style of this stair and its handrail where only the cantilever spiral treads would allow enough headroom for the existing stair below.
19. Grand Mesa Colorado Hybrid
This photo shows the code conforming continuous hand rail making these very unique transitions yet comfortable and safe. The ends of the outer stringers will house into existing timbers in this timber frame home.
Circular Stairs    
18. A Beautiful "C" Series near Boulder, CO
Perfectly integrated into the surrounding architecture, this spectacular log and timber "C" series is made with reclaimed Douglas Fir stringers and spruce treads and pine balusters creating a striking contrast between wood species.
17. Custom Hand Made Leather
For an added artisan touch, each step is covered with a decorative hand tooled leather cap.
16. One of a Kind Design and Craftsmanship
Creating a one-of-a-kind curved, custom wood staircase is what has earned StairMeister Log Works national acclaim.
15. A Two Story Millennium
This expansive two story circular log staircase is a refreshing and progressive example of artistic functionality incorporating helical design crafting technology.
14. Custom Log Railing
StairMeister Log Works was commissioned to design, craft, and install this giant, custom log staircase within a unique entertainment sanctuary; an elegant, rustic barn located in beautiful rural Connecticut.
13. Custom Two Story Log Staircase
A log staircase that serves as the main focal point of the barn’s interior while graciously satisfying its primary function in granting generous access to three floors of the multilevel structure.
12. Looking Down Custom Stair Featured Above
This two story millenium looks great from all angles in this finely crafted structure.
11. Striking Contrast
The Douglas Fir stringer and hand rail create a striking contrast to the pine log steps and the beautiful character posts add a lot to the stair.
10. The "C" Series
This shop photo of "C" Series is located near Payson, Arizona. This stair had laminated pine stringers, balusters, and code conforming graspable rail.
9. J-Stair Custom Built for our Friends in Divide, CO
The upper four treads are characteristic of a straight run stair then it gracefully turns into a circular stair hence the name J-Stair.
8. The “Big Foot” C-Series
This free standing circular staircase was dubbed the “Big Foot” because of its massive base acting as the staircase’s singular point of support.
7. Code Conforming Circular Stair
This code conforming circular stair was constructed for our clients in Quitman, Arkansas.
6. Arkansas Dream Before Delivery Photo:
This "C" series for our happy and wonderful clients in Quitman, Arkansas was built to their precise measurements then was assembled and glued up in one piece for delivery.
5. Arkansas Dream Before Delivery Photo:
Great Job Guys! When installed this stair fit with now more than 1/8" between the stair and the perfect wall framing.
4. Arkansas Dream Before Delivery Photo:
Our stair sets the theme for the home as soon as you walk in the front door.
Log & Timber Accents    
3. Structural Truss
This truss is made out of recycled douglas fir for a front entry way.
2. Log and Timber Accents
We also provide log and timber structural recycled douglas fir beams that are supported by pine posts. All are built with traditional timber frame joinery.
1. Structural Elements add Detail
These post and beam elements are integrated into a standard frame structure.

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