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Reminiscent of elegant forms found in nature

Circular log stairs represent the upper echelon of stair design and construction, requiring the highest level of skill and expertise to build. As an alternative to the more common log straight-run stair, log circular and log winding stairs from StairMeïster provide exceptionally graceful versatility to match your home's needs. Made from laminated pine and crafted with a dramatic twist or subtle curve, the elegance of these designs is marked by the smooth twist of the stringers. Traditionally found in homes of distinction, they exude a timeless elegance that is redefined when crafted from select logs and timbers.

"Our Millennium staircase is the heart of our family’s new home."

–Robert & Denice Smith, Black Forest, CO

With a gentle radius, this stair subtly turns 200 degrees and embellishes the main foyer.
15. A Beautiful "C" Series near Boulder, CO
Perfectly integrated into the surrounding architecture, this spectacular log and timber "C" series is made with reclaimed Douglas Fir stringers and spruce treads and pine balusters creating a striking contrast between wood species.
14. Custom Hand Made Leather
For an added artisan touch, each step is covered with a decorative hand tooled leather cap.
13. One of a Kind Design and Craftsmanship
Creating a one-of-a-kind curved, custom wood staircase is what has earned StairMeister Log Works national acclaim.
12. A Two Story Millennium
This expansive two story circular log staircase is a refreshing and progressive example of artistic functionality incorporating helical design crafting technology.
11. Custom Log Railing
StairMeister Log Works was commissioned to design, craft, and install this giant, custom log staircase within a unique entertainment sanctuary; an elegant, rustic barn located in beautiful rural Connecticut.
10. Custom Two Story Log Staircase
A log staircase that serves as the main focal point of the barn’s interior while graciously satisfying its primary function in granting generous access to three floors of the multilevel structure.
9. Looking Down Custom Stair Featured Above
This two story millenium looks great from all angles in this finely crafted structure.
8. Striking Contrast
The Douglas Fir stringer and hand rail create a striking contrast to the pine log steps and the beautiful character posts add a lot to the stair.
7. The "C" Series
This shop photo of "C" Series is located near Payson, Arizona. This stair had laminated pine stringers, balusters, and code conforming graspable rail.
6. J-Stair Custom Built for our Friends in Divide, CO
The upper four treads are characteristic of a straight run stair then it gracefully turns into a circular stair hence the name J-Stair.
5. The “Big Foot” C-Series
This free standing circular staircase was dubbed the “Big Foot” because of its massive base acting as the staircase’s singular point of support.
4. Code Conforming Circular Stair
This code conforming circular stair was constructed for our clients in Quitman, Arkansas.
3. Arkansas Dream Before Delivery Photo:
This "C" series for our happy and wonderful clients in Quitman, Arkansas was built to their precise measurements then was assembled and glued up in one piece for delivery.
2. Arkansas Dream After Install Photo:
Great Job Guys! When installed this stair fit with now more than 1/8" between the stair and the perfect wall framing.
1. Arkansas Dream After Install Photo:
Our stair sets the theme for the home as soon as you walk in the front door.

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